The cause I favor Vietnam trip

1. Street food

It will be a real loss if you are on Vietnam tour packages but forget to try its culinary. The best location to enjoy yourself with Vietnam culinary is not in the restaurant, indeed it is on plastic stools in the streetside.It doesn’t need complex cooking way to make a luscious dish, ironically the way to make street food is astoundingly effortless. Regularly it may take 1-2 minutes to make a perfect meal.It is starling that the method to cook street food in Vietnam is indeed effortless, nevertheless the flavor is unforgettable.Fortunately, you can obtain street food almost everywhere.It’s is certainly a cool experience to try Vietnamese dishes on the cheap stools in some narrow corners.

Halong bay (Vietnam tour packages)

2. Cross the road
For those who are from some western countries having a trip to Vietnam, in that case crossing the road is an important know-how you should know.Driveways in Vietnam always are jampacked with motorcycles, bikes as well as buses moving.You should walk calmly across the road. All intention to run or to out of the blue change the speed is forbidden.But the truth is you do not have to be anxious, they won’t hit you.The sensation after you have successfully go to the other side of the lane is fantastic: You have become the winner of this difficult task!

3. Coffee
As the 2nd major coffee producer in the world, Vietnam is the heaven of coffee.You ought to try the “original taste of coffee” in Vietnam: they are really stronger than normal.Sweeten condense milk is often mixed with coffee to reduce the bitterness of coffee.It is always Trung Nguyen brand that supplies the most favourable coffee drink in Vietnam.I am fond of sipping coffee inside splendid shop in Vietnam; it gives me a peaceful feeling.

4. Halong bay
One of the major famous attractions for travellers in Vietnam is Halong bay.Halong is indeed so beautiful as well as well-preserved that it is regarded to be one of a herritage site in the world.The appeal of Halong bay is irresistable and worthwhile exploring.Covered by rainforests in the top, towering limestone islands is the greatest highlights in Halong bay.You would be astonished by the wide range of shapes and sizes of those limestone karsts and isles.Because Halong bay is normally crowded with travelers, you will want to stay away from public holiday as well as high time when coming this site.

5. City parks
Vietnamese local parks are filled with energetic sound combined with activities.Day by day, as the day starts and in the sunset, it is possible to see a bunch of individuals practicing exercises or dancing all together beside the lake.A few feet away, a number of small group of women and men is jogging or even running around the local park.Despite that I am a foreigner, I however think that these kinds of routines charming.Feel free to become a member of those exercise routines if you like, Vietnamese always encouraged you.

In addition, I also like Vietnam Cambodia tour and Thailand Vietnam Cambodia tour. I will write a post about these tours later.

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