Some tips to backpacking to Phan Rang

In my package holiday to Vietnam, Phan Rang is the destination that I like most. People here were really friendly and the nature is stunning with breathtaking landscapes. I heard Vietnamese said “Like wind in Phan, like sunlight in Rang”, but it is not totally true at all.

If you want to travel to Phan Rang from Ho Chi Minh city, then below is some suggestions for you.

Option 1 : Start you tour at 5 am. You will have to cross a distant of 350 kilometers to come to Phan Rang. And at 5pm, you will see yourself setting foot on this beautiful city. Nice, right? This is the most suitable option for anyone who love to enjoy the sightseeing on the way to Phan Rang. Feel free to stop at some famous travel destinations along the way if you like, for example Ke Ga or Phan Thiet. I really love the freedom when traveling by motorbikes.

Option 2 : If you do not want to spend 10 hours driving, you can travel by train. Departing at 10 pm, the train named SE 4 will bring you to Phan Rang at 4 pm. You can rest or take a nap on the train during your way. This is also a good option if you travel with your family or friends.

Where to visit in Phan Trang

Phan Trang is a beautiful beach city so beach exploration should be your first priority. However, there are some places to consider before you make for the beach.

Po Klong Garai Towers: It is 9 kilometers far from the city center. It may not be as marvellous as you expect, however, you should not miss it. You will be attracted by the beauty of the towers built in the hill when seen from far away.

Ticket price: 15,000 VND/person/time

Ba Moi grapes garden: Phan Rang is famous for grapes and apples. Visiting the grapes garden of Uncle Ba Moi, you will be able to try these two fruits with champagne free of charge. What impresses me is that the garden keepers take no offence at whether you buy their fruits or not. And in most cases, traveler can not resist buying the fruits. Several kilograms of grapes and apple together with several bottles of wine for a night at the beach will be great!

Free entrance fee

Go swimming in Phan Rang

Phan Rang has a number of nice beaches such as : Ca Na, Ninh Chu. If you travel at the weekend, you should go to Vinh Hy. It is a beautiful and wild bay. Besides, you can go swimming, carry out scuba diving expeditions to see the coral reef or enjoy seefood right on the boat.

On way to Vinh Hy, you can drop by Hang Rai to the north of Vinh Hy Bay, about 35 kilometers from Phan Rang city to visit a big coral reef. In Vinh Hy, you can hire a hotel room to stay or put up a tent on the beach. You will have to pay a rent of 250 thousand Vietnam dong for a room with two beds. For more information, please call Mr.Hong at 0948 746 710 . the rent for hiring a boat to go scuba diving is 800 thousand Vietnam dong. As the rent is variable, it is recommended that you bargain to get a better deal.

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